SSJK Research Journal of Human Development

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SSJK Research Journal is a platform for those who can use it, It has been planned to provide its contributors (readers) the basic foundation, skills and motivation for understanding about the minute details of research activities. We believe that this platform and these skills are critical pre-requisite for writing Research Papers. It is just a try to explore and inculcate research attitude and research aptitude.

At the Publication of the very third issue of the SSJK Research Journal of Human Development, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Patron in Chief Mahant Sh. Hemant Dass Ji Maharaj- (Mahant SJK Ashram Kalanaur, Rohtak) by whose blessings this journal has been published & is progressing. I am thankful from the core of my heart to the Advisory Board and all the Editor & Sub Editors of this Research Journal of Human Development. I would like to express my thanks to all the research scholars and teacher who have contributed in any way directly or indirectly for this Research Journal of Human Development. Research knows no boundaries nor it can be confined to certain social, economic and cultural group or to certain faculty or to certain region and religion, In fact it covers the all facets of life, everywhere, every time. From time immortal with the very invention of wheel it changed the life of human being. It is well said that research starts from the very womb of the mother but for that one need to be “Sensibly sensitive” for to be a successful researcher. One needs to be sincere to these calls of sensibly.

It is very heartening that SSJK Research Journal of Human Development with ISSN : 2348-5183 which is a quarterly published Research Journal has got more than 120 subscription in different colleges just within nine months of its first publication in March 2014. As we all know the Research Journals have been and shall always be the powerful Instrument in arousing sense of research aptitude and research attitude among the research scholars and the members of the faculty specially for those who are always sensibly sensitive and are seriously and sincerely involved in the research Activities. I would like to salute to all for their kind co-operation and contribution to make this research journal a success and for providing a great height to this Research Journal in a very short period of time. It has been and it shall always be our aim of the editor board of the SSJK Research Journal of Human Development to provide a very concise and sincere research papers to quench the thirst of all the readers of all category of all levels. We promise you, we would never compromise with quality & contents of your research Journal. It would always need your sincere contribution.

As we deserve, so we desire your sincere co-operation and co-ordination for this Research Journal of yours i.e. SSJK Research Journal of Human Development with ISSN 2348-5183 in future and always. Last but not least, I am very thankful to the A.P.H. Publishing Corporation for printing the manuscript timely and doing everything for the success of this paper. We are obliged to the Almighty now & always.

Dr. S.K. Arora
Editor in Chief
SSJK Research Journal of Human Development
Ph. 9416974380, 8950393919